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General instructions

This section provides information to use SignPath with any tool that supports macOS CryptoTokenKit.

Supported versions

macOS 11.0 or higher


Simply copy-deploy the application to the target system.


macOS allows CryptoTokenKit extensions to be registered in the system. Through these extensions, key material and certificates can be provided. An extension is only available while the application that provides the extension is running. Therefore, before calling signing tools like codesign, the needs to be started.


The application loads all available certificates for the given parameters and makes them avaialble in the macOS keychain through a CryptoTokenKit extension. The application supports the following parameters (all of them are optional):

Parameter Value Description
-config /path/to/config/file.json Path to config file
-s $SigningPolicySlug If not specified, the certificates from all available signing policies will be loaded
-p $ProjectSlug If not specified, the certificates from all available projects will be loaded
-u $ApiUrl The base URL of the SignPath API, e.g.
-o $OrganizationId The id of the organization to use
-t $ApiToken The API token for a CI or Interactive User (can be created in the “Users and Groups” UI)

Keys are not specified directly

When using a file-based configuration, the macOS CryptoTokenKit Crypto Provider requires the config file to be

  • named config.json and placed in the same directory as the application or
  • its path to be specified via the -config parameter

Example call starting the application:

open "" --args -p MyProject -s release-signing -u


The following commands are helpful to make sure the setup is correct:

Using the security command, the registered smart cards can be listed. This list should contain an entry io.signpath.apps.SignPathCryptoTokenKit.ctk:<identifier>

security list-smartcard

Using the pluginkit tool, the registration of the token driver can be verified. The command lists all registered tokens and should also list io.signpath.apps.CryptoTokenKit($Version).

pluginkit -m -v -p


codesign is a command line tool by Apple.

codesign requires the following parameter to find the correct certificate:

Parameter Value Description
-s $SigningIdentity A descriptor of the code signing identity that is stored in the keychain by the SignPath CryptoTokenKit. Provide the common name (or a substring) of the certificate.

Sample: sign

codesign -s MyCertificateSubjectName

Warning: Produce correct timestamps

When using codesign (or any other signing tool) directly, you are responsible for correct time stamping. See Timestamps

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