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As an alternative to using a Crypto Provider client, signing requests to a “Hash signing data” project can also be performed directly via SignPath’s REST API.

Signing Request

See HTTP REST API for basic instructions to submit a signing request.

Fast signing

For hash data we recommend using a fast signing request. These requests are performed immediately without queuing, and the API immediately returns the signed artifact.

  • Provide the additional field IsFastSigningRequest with the value true
  • The API returns the JSON-formatted result (see response description)

(By default, the API returns a signing request ID that can be used to get the result.)

Artifact format for signing hash digests

JSON property Description
SignatureAlgorithm For RSA certificates: "RsaPkcs1" for the PKCS #1 v1.5 padding mode, or "RsaPss" for PSS padding mode. For elliptic curve certificates: Ecdsa.
RsaHashAlgorithm The OID for used hash algorithm with the following allowed values: "1.2.840.113549.2.5" (MD5), "" (SHA1), "2.16.840." (SHA-256), "2.16.840." (SHA-384), "2.16.840." (SHA-512). Note that this property is only used for RSA certificates.
Base64EncodedHash The Base64 encoded hash value to sign. I.e. the result of the used RsaHashAlgorithm.
Metadata Can contain arbitrary metadata JSON values. We recommend to include CreatingProcess metadata with CommandLine and User as shown in the example above.

Key length

SignPath crypto providers use the file name payload.json for hash digest artifacts.


The response artifact has the same format and values as the request artifact with the additional property ‘Signature’.

JSON property Description
Signature Base64-encoded signature of ‘Base64EncodedHash’. Format and length depend on the key of the signing policy’s certificate.



curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $API_TOKEN" \
     -F "ProjectSlug=$PROJECT" \
     -F "SigningPolicySlug=test-signing" \
     -F "IsFastSigningRequest=true" \
     -F "Artifact=@$PATH_TO_ARTIFACT"$ORGANIZATION_ID/SigningRequests

Request artifact:

    "SignatureAlgorithm": "RsaPkcs1",
    "RsaHashAlgorithm": "2.16.840.",
    "Base64EncodedHash": "GJShnIW6FTrL90OsTkP8AEyJFgSyb4xp4eg+oq/HxI8=",
        "CreatingProcess": { "CommandLine": "SampleCommand -SampleArgument", "User": "SampleUser" }


    "SignatureAlgorithm": "RsaPkcs1",
    "RsaHashAlgorithm": "2.16.840.",
    "Base64EncodedHash": "GJShnIW6FTrL90OsTkP8AEyJFgSyb4xp4eg+oq/HxI8=",
    "Metadata": { ... },
    "Signature": "wGI2oiHHVSVGHR1rtjv83Pir1SEVLmnLNGuJD4..."

Retrieve Signing Policy details

Use GET$OrganizationId/Cryptoki/MySigningPolicies?projectSlug=$Project&signingPolicySlug=$SigningPolicy to get information about the signing plicy, including the X.509 certificate and RSA key parameters.

(If project and signing policy are not specified, this API returns all signing policies where user identified by the API token is assigned as Submitter.)

Example response:

    "signingPolicies": [
            "signingPolicySlug": "test-signing",
            "projectSlug": "hash-signing-test",
            "keySizeInBits": 2048,
            "rsaParameters": {
                "publicExponent": "AQAB",
                "modulus": "2e4JTm..."
            "signingPolicyId": "eacd4b78-6038-4450-9eec-4acd1c7ba6f1",
            "certificateBytes": "MIIC5zCC...",
            "keyType": "Rsa",
            "publicKeyBytes": "MIIBCgKC..."

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