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Most IT organizations don't have a secure code signing process

In times of growing cyber security breaches, platform vendors and customers require all deployed applications to be digitally signed. Code signing is the only way to guarantee that software has not been modified by a third party. The corporate solutions of SignPath enable DevOps teams to seamlessly integrate code-signing into their development lifecycle and empowers InfoSec teams to define secure policies and gain transparency over private key usage.

Staying secure and agile

Frequent software releases and updates, the popularity of microservices as well as a stricter enforcement of internal security measures have increased the complexity for code signing. SignPath is made for developers from one of the leading European software development companies for government institutions. We automate security best practices to keep your development process agile.

DevOps teams

SignPath provides secure code signing processes that directly integrate into existing continuous deployment (CD) pipelines. No hassle with installing cryptographic service providers (CSPs) or connecting USB tokens, just simple command line or API calls.

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InfoSec teams

Do you know where all the private keys are stored in your organization that are used to sign executables and scripts? With SignPath, you can stay on top of managing your certificates, define strict policies, monitor private key usage and delegate responsibilities for signing releases.

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Open Source projects

Open Source software has become the backbone of the entire IT industry, with commercial software building on the foundation of thousands of open source libraries. SignPath values the community and provides special offers to open source projects to enable a secure build chain all the way to the end user.

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Code Signing is more than a certificate

Secure private keys

When your private keys are compromised, your reputation is at risk. Software vendors are an increasingly attractive target for hackers and cyber criminals as they can be used as an entrance point to gain access to the IT infrastructure of the consumer's organizations, often unnoticed.

Transparent processes

Securing your private key on a USB token or on a Hardware Security Module (HSM) is not enough. You need to restrict and monitor private key usage and ensure that only legitimate code is being signed.

How secure are your private keys?

Increase your security with ease

Establish a process

Don’t assume that code signing processes are followed by your team. Monitor and automate the execution. Adapt workflows for different software products and development teams.

Align InfoSec and development teams

Development teams need to own the code signing process in order to stay agile. InfoSec teams need to enforce their security policies. With SignPath both teams get the necessary freedom and guarantee for an effective and secure code signing process.

Meet customer expectations

Your customers demand high security in their IT infrastructure. Meet their expectations by providing them with signed software and a process that excels at every security audit.

Save costs

Get started in minutes with our code signing solution. No need for complicated setups and installation of CSPs, timestamping servers or integration of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

SignPath makes code signing simple

SignPath comes with everything you need to securely sign your code. You don't need to bother about where to store your private keys, how to integrate them into your build pipeline, how to configure different signing methods or where to find a suitable timestamping server.

Secure your processes…

  • Roles and permissions
  • Approvals
  • Deep signing of nested files
  • Virus scanning
  • Origin verification
  • Policy enforcement
  • CI integration
  • Audit logs

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…and sign all your software

  • Authenticode: apps, installers, libraries, drivers
  • PowerShell, VBScript and JScript shell scripts
  • ClickOnce applications
  • Office macros and add-ins
  • NuGet packages
  • Visual Studio extensions
  • Java archives
  • Android apps
  • Apple macOS and iOS apps
  • Containers: Cosign, Docker Content Trust
  • GPG, RPM, Debian packages
  • Software Bill of Material (BOM/SBOM)
  • XML files

All signatures include a timestamp and use cryptographically secure algorithms.

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