Senior Technical Support Engineer Code Signing

Support customers using our code signing platform

  • Equal opportunity employment, all genders
  • Full-time or part-time (from 30 hrs per week)


  • Vienna: office, remote, hybrid
  • United States, Canada: remote

Senior Technical Support Engineer Code Signing

SignPath offers a platform for secure code signing. Our customers are tech companies as well as enterprises developing their own software, scripts and macros.

We are looking for an experienced support professional who helps IT professionals use and operate our platform. The position requires experience with systems management (Kubernetes) and/or application development tools and processes.

About us

SignPath is a pure play code signing scale-up. We provide a SaaS service and enterprise software for code signing. SignPath is constantly exploring new options to deeply integrate with development and DevOps processes and infrastructure, to build secure software release processes for our customers, and to bring transparency and accountability to supply chains.

Our low- to mid-end customers appreciate the ease of use our SaaS service brings, with a high level of security even at the entry stage. Enterprise customers benefit from additional integration, management and security features. Security sensitive organizations rely on our experience with secure build chains in zero-trust environments. Recent security incidents and increasing regulation drive interest in our unique technologies from customers and partners alike.

Your responsibilities

You will be working with professionals from customers as well as our own development, product management and operations teams.

Your primary tasks will eventually include:

  • Product support for SignPath
  • Application administration (project setup, permissions, keys, and certificates)
  • CI integration, client-side tools, and cryptographic providers
  • General code signing support (platforms, formats)
  • For the following scenarios
  • First level support for small and medium customers (developers, DevOps)
  • Second level support for large customers (dedicated DevOps and security staff)
  • Presales (proof-of-concept/evaluation setups and projects)
  • Problem identification and analysis, and troubleshooting for client and server systems (SaaS and self-hosted customers)
  • Setup and operations support for self-hosted customerss

Your skills

You are a technology generalist or a specialist looking to expand their knowledge. You have excellent communication skills and are experienced at identifying and solving problems.

We expect candidates to have practical experience in at least one of the following areas, and be able to quickly adopt skills in the others:

  • Kubernetes
  • Linux and Windows systems administration
  • Cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, others)
  • Digital signing and PKI
  • Continuous Integration (CI) platforms
  • Training opportunities will be provided as part of the job.


You will work with customers using the following technologies:

  • Kubernetes with Linux and Windows nodes (Azure AKS for SaaS, various for self-hosted installations)
  • Developer PCs and CI Windows, Linux, and soon MacOS
  • CI platforms from various vendors (Cloud and self-hosted) with build nodes using various platforms
  • Software tools used for signing executable files, scripts, macros, packages, containers, etc.
  • Technologies used by SignPath include Microsoft SQL Server (Azure SQL) and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) from Thales, Fortanix and Entrust

Besides the support team, you will regularly work with sales and product management.

Our offices are in Vienna. Remote working is an option for this position, as is providing remote office space. Customer support is carried out over tickets, emails, and video calls.

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