PowerShell  ❯  Get-SignedArtifact

Downloads a signed artifact based on a signing request ID.


    -OrganizationId <String> -ApiToken <String> [-ClientCertificate <X509Certificate2>]
    [-ApiUrl <String>] 
    -SigningRequestId <String> 
    -OutputArtifactPath <String>
    [-WaitForCompletionTimeoutInSeconds <Int32>] 
    [-ServiceUnavailableTimeoutInSeconds <Int32>] [-UploadAndDownloadRequestTimeoutInSeconds <Int32>] 


The Get-SignedArtifact cmdlet waits for the specified signing request to finish and downloads the resulting artifact.

This cmdlet throws an exception if the signing request does not successfully complete in time.


Parameter Type Description Default value Editions
-OrganizationId String ID of your SignPath organization    
-ApiToken String API token of an interactive or CI user    
-ClientCertificate X509Certificate2 Client certificate used for a secure Web API request. Not supported by directly, use for proxies.   Enterprise
-ApiUrl String URL to the SignPath REST API  
-SigningRequestId String ID of the siging request    
-OutputArtifactPath String Specifies the target path for the downloaded signed artifact InputArtifactPath with an added .signed extension  
-Force Switch Allows the cmdlet to overwrite the file at OutputArtifactPath false  
-WaitForCompletionTimeoutInSeconds Int32 Maximum time in seconds that the cmdlet will wait for the signing request to complete (upload and download have no specific timeouts) 600 seconds  
-ServiceUnavailableTimeoutInSeconds Int32 Total time in seconds that the cmdlet will wait for a single service call to succeed (across several retries) 600 seconds  
-UploadAndDownloadRequestTimeoutInSeconds Int32 HTTP timeout used for upload and download HTTP requests 300 seconds  


Example 1: Download an artifact from a previously submitted signing request

$signingRequestID = Submit-SigningRequest `
    -OrganizationId $ORGANIZATION_ID `-ApiToken $API_TOKEN `
    -ProjectSlug $PROJECT -SigningPolicySlug $SIGNING_POLICY `
    -ArtifactConfigurationSlug $ARTIFACT_CONFIGURATION `
    -InputArtifactPath $PATH_TO_INPUT_ARTIFACT

Get-SignedArtifact `
    -OrganizationId $ORGANIZATION_ID -ApiToken $API_TOKEN `
    -SigningRequestId $signingRequestID `
    -OutputArtifactPath $PATH_TO_OUTPUT_ARTIFACT

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