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To integrate SignPath in your build chain, you can use the official SignPath module from PowerShell Gallery.

Install the SignPath module

Install-Module -Name SignPath

Specify an an acceptable version range

The releases of the SignPath module follow semantic versioning principles. In automated scenarios, we recommend to fix the major version and set the minimum minor version. This ensures that the most current backwards-compatible version is installed.

To achieve this, specify a lower and upper bound, e.g. -MinimumVersion 4.0.0 -MaximumVersion 4.999.999

SignPath PowerShell cmdlets

cmdlet Description
Submit-SigningRequest Submit a new signing request, or resubmit an existing one
Get-SignedArtifact Get the signed artifact from a finished signing request, or wait until processing is complete
Get-CertificateByMicrosoftTemplateId Get a certificate from a Microsoft AD CS template ID.

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